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    Why should boys wear innerwear?

    Every Boys from age 2- 14 years should start wearing innerwear. It provides essential support, promotes hygiene, prevents chafing & discomfort, and helps maintain privacy and modesty. Innerwear is an integral part of their everyday clothing. Buy the best kids underwear for boys online from Mackly Store

    What size underwear for 12 -14 year old boy?

    The size of underwear for a 12 - 14 years old boy can vary depending on his body shape and size. We recommend you refer to the specific size chart provided on the Mackly website to find the most suitable size based on your kid's waist measurements.

    From which age should a child start wearing innerwear?

    Children typically start wearing underwear once they are toilet trained, which can vary but generally occurs around the age of 2 to 3 years old. It is important to transition from diapers or training pants to underwear during this stage.

    Which type of innerwear is best for kid boys?

    The best type of underwear for boys depends on their personal preference ,comfort and size. Common options include briefs, boxers. Each offers different levels of support & coverage, allowing your little one to choose what suits them best.

    Should boys wear tight or loose underwear?

    It is recommended to avoid extremely tight or excessively loose underwear to ensure proper circulation, comfort, and freedom of movement.


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