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    Mackly's wide range of newborn baby clothes offers ultimate comfort for your precious baby. Available From 0-3 to 9-12 Months. Shop adorable outfits that are made with 100% Organic cotton. 

    Baby Clothes FAQ for new moms

    How to wrap a newborn in cloth?

    Wrapping a newborn baby in cloth is a gentle and cozy way to keep them snug. Take a soft, breathable cloth. Lay the baby on the cloth, fold one side over the baby's body, and secure it. Repeat with the other side, ensuring a comfortable fit. Explore Mackly's newborn baby clothes online for suitable options from baby body suits to romper dresses.

    How to wash newborn baby clothes?

    Washing newborn baby clothes is easy. Use a gentle detergent, preferably one made for baby clothes. Wash them separately in cold water and avoid harsh chemicals. Hang them to dry or use a low heat setting.

    • Wash & iron inside out
    • Do not bleach
    • Tumble dry on low heat
    • Do not dry clean

    How much liquid detergent should I use for infant clothes?

    Use a small amount of liquid detergent to wash infant boy clothes. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the detergent bottle for the recommended quantity based on the load size.

    Is Dettol safe for baby clothes?

    You should never use Dettol directly on newborn baby clothes. Always use a gentle detergent made specifically for babies to make sure no irritation happens to your precious child.

    How often to change infant clothes?

    You should always change your baby's clothes and sleepwear whenever they become dirty or if you see any leaks. Additionally, to maintain hygiene and comfort, changing clothes daily is advisable.

    What is age 0 in baby clothes?

    Age 0" is the size category for newborn babies, covering the age range from birth to 3 months old. When shopping for baby clothes online, you can specifically look for this size category to find clothing options perfect for newborns, like the best baby bodysuits or romper dresses.

    Where to buy new born baby clothes online in india ?

    Mackly India is your go-to destination for new born baby clothes online like Body suits , rompers & sleepsuit, offering a wide selection of comfortable and stylish options for newborns, infants, and toddlers like sleepwear suit sets, and sleepwear for girls.