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    Upgrade your child's summer wardrobe with our latest collection. We offer a range of chic girls' capris, comfy cotton lounge pants, adorable frocks, and cool boys' shorts. Quality fashion for kids, designed for comfort and style!

    Summer Clothing FAQ

    What should kids wear in summer?

    Thinking about what clothes kids should wear in the hot summer? Cotton and linen are the best picks. They are light and let air through, keeping kids cool when it's hot. You should not pick clothes made from materials like polyester. They can make the kids feel too warm and sticky in the summer.

    Best Colors to Wear for Summer

    Summer colors should be soft, like those in a garden. Light yellow, pinks, and purples match cool skin tones and people with less contrast. Avoid warm, bright colors

    • White
    • Khaki
    • Turquoise. warmer months
    • Yellow
    • Fuchsia

    Which colour is not good for summer?

    Avoid wearing black clothes in summer. Black dresses absorb heat more than light clothes; since it's already hot outside, you feel hotter wearing black clothes.

    Which fabrics are not suitable for summer?

    During the hot summer months, avoid wearing clothes made up of synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon as they lack breathability. Though light, they can't absorb sweat due to being water -resistant compared to cotton.

    How to choose summer clothes?

    In summer, it's best to wear cotton and light-colored clothes. Cotton soaks up sweat from our body. Then, it lets the sweat evaporate quickly into the air, which helps us cool down faster.