Keep your little ones snug with our Thermal Wear made specially for baby boys . Featuring full-sleeve tops with ribbed cuffs and ribbed thermal bottoms, our range is perfect for babies aged 3-24 months. Shop at Mackly India for comfort and warmth


    Are thermals good for babies?

    Yes, winter thermal wear is good for kids & babies. Thermals provide an extra layer of warmth, insulation, and comfort during cold weather. They help regulate body temperature and keep kids cozy. Choose suitable and comfortable  thermal wear like Ribbed thermal top for 3-6 months baby at Mackly.

    When should babies wear thermals?

    Babies should wear thermals when the weather is cold or during the winter season. Our thermal wear set provides insulation, warmth, and comfort, making it ideal for outdoor activities or when staying in chilly environments.

    Do thermal clothes really work?

    Yes, thermal clothes for kids do work. Thermal fabrics are designed to regulate temperature and retain warmth, making them effective in providing comfort during chilly conditions. You can easily buy kids' thermal wear online by selecting the desired size, style, and fabric.

    Which fabric thermal wear is best?

    Cotton & Polyester thermal wear is considered the best for kids. It is breathable, and comfortable, and provides insulation while being gentle on the skin, making it an excellent choice for maintaining warmth and comfort during cold weather.

    How often should you wash thermals?

    It's best to only wash your thermals twice a season. Washing them too often can harm their unique qualities and leave them useless. So, be sure to avoid over-washing to keep your thermals in top condition and your clothes clean.

    Care Info

    • Wash & iron inside out
    • Do not bleach
    • Tumble dry on low heat
    • Do not dry clean
    • Machine wash - not more than 40C/105 F
    • Iron on 110C/230 F temperature

    Product Details

    • 60% Cotton; 40% Polyester
    • Top, Pant Thermal Sets
    • Made in India

    Buy Thermal wear For Babies 12-18 Months 

    Ribbed thermal top, has a round neck, full sleeves with ribbed cuffs. Ribbed thermal bottom, has an elasticated waistband with slip-on closure, cuffed hems.

    Sky Blue Thermal Set

    Buy Thermal wear for 3-6 Months Baby

    Stay warm and comfortable this winter with our ribbed thermal top and bottom set. The top has a round neck and full sleeves with ribbed cuffs, while the bottom has an elasticated waistband with slip-on closure and cuffed hems. This stylish ensemble will keep you baby & kid cozy all season long.

    Pink Thermal Set